Air Compressors and Compressor Accessories

We are now offering compressors for ALL levels of diving, firefighting or paintball needs. Terms, availability and shipping times vary between companies. The compressors that we offer are:

The leader in compressors sales world wide, ColtriSub is now distributed direct in the US through ColtriAmericas and Ray Contreras Sales is proud to have been named as a distributor for the full line of breathing air and Nitrox compressors. We normally stock a fair supply of the personal sized compressors and delivery time is immediate to three weeks for the rest of the line. Click on the Logo to see the latest listings.

Bauer Compressors - Long considered the "Cadillac" of compressors, Bauer compressors are built primarily in Europe and outfitted in the USA. Sizes range from small personal use to extremely large industrial grade. Bauer machines are built to order and take anywhere from six to eight weeks to complete. Click on the Bauer Logo above to see my latest listings

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