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This page is dedicated to everything MOOSE.  Here you will find some unusual, beautiful and just plain fun creations for the moose lover. Each of the images below are linked to a pop up of a bigger picture. Just click on the popup to close.

Majestic Moose
Truly the best detail that we have ever seen in a figurine of this price range. You can almost see individual hairs on this guy.

5¾"L x 4½"W x 8"H

$ 54.95
moose in pond
Moose Call
This is a large piece and is quite impressive. It depicts a large moose standing in a pond feeding.
Moose Plate
Not really a plate, but a hanging piece of 3D art.  It can also be displayed in it's supplied stand.
Moose Hanger
Nicely detailed piece that can be hung on the wall.
$ 49.95
Moose and Calf
One of our more popular pieces shows a fully antlered adult and a calf. Mounted on a finished wood base.
$ 49.95
Moose Trio
This is actually three pieces that fit together to make the scene shown. It features a male, female and baby.

8¾"L x 5¼"W x 7¾"H

Comical Moose set
This is a four piece set and makes a great gift for any moose lover.
approx 3" tall
$ 12.95
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Over the last year, we have been making these creations available on many of the auction sites. If you would like to take home some of these moose, you can try your hand there or just email me directly.

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