This page has nothing to do with our scuba business and is actually just us leaning over the back fence talking with you ... our friends! Join us in Janell's Politically Incorrect Kitchen and watch for Ray's "Windbag Corner" ... coming soon!  We actually do have a couple of things listed here for sale as well!  Take a look!

Snore Free

snore freeThis is the original Snore Free nasal device designed to greatly reduce or completely eliminate snoring!.  Made with pure, non-toxic, sterile materials and rare earth magnets (800+ Gauss) developed by NASA. These little beauties really work!  While attending a trade show, family bought me a set to use in the hotel and it worked like a charm (so they tell me). We returned to the convention floor and ordered a case! Since they are easy to clean and have their own storage case, I only need my original so I will offer these until the extras are gone.

Actual DeviceThese are the same that you see in the in-flight shopping magazines for $29.95 plus $7.95 S&H except that theirs don't have the magnets like these do. Each one comes on a card and have an individual carrying or storage case. 

Your price only
$ 19.95!

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Hollywood Quality Novelty Teeth!

These are hand crafted in the USA and every one is just a little bit different.  They are available with or without a 14k gold overlay! They come with a two part mix that quickly forms to your teeth for a custom fit that stays in place until you take them off. Thousands of uses and millions of laughs!  We have used ours at family reunions, weddings, conventions, going to that first dentist visit. Girls, stop that office sexual harassment!

When we found these we figured that we just had to have them! There are lots of these type of teeth that are sold on the net every day, but please beware of the ones that are coming out of Taiwan. They are made with a shiny brittle plastic that can crack if you bite down even the slightest.  We won't even give them away! If you get yours elsewhere, insist on quality American made rotten teeth!

Gold Deliverance teeth
Deliverance teeth with a
14K gold cap. $24.95 retail
Our Price $14.95!!
Deliverance teeth
Standard Deliverance Teeth
with Rot. $14.95 retail
Our Price $9.95!!

If you gotta have these, click here!
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