357 PowerHead
Commonly referred to as a "BangStick", this all stainless steel PowerHead is available with a barrel that accommodates .38, .38 short, .38 special, .357 Mag and .357 Max calibers.  An extra feature of this PowerHead is that it's barrel can be interchanged with the barrel of the .223 PowerHead. 

To waterproof the shell, the manufacturer suggests using fingernail polish around the primer and also where the bullet presses into the casing. 

To convert this into a full bang stick, it must be permanently mounted onto a shaft or pole.
Weight: 8oz
Opening: 3/8"   Bushings available for 5/16" or 9/16"
Threads: 6mm   7mm or 5/16-24 also available

NOTE: a stainless steel rod is tack welded onto the powerhead to make it comply with the federal firearms and postal regulations. In order to keep your powerhead legal, it must be permanently mounted to a shaft of no less than 17". Once you have it mounted to your own shaft or handle, the tack weld can be cut and the shaft removed.

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