Seabear Spearguns

The Seabear pneumatic spearguns had been imported to the USA from Russia from 1992 to 1997 and had proven themselves in the field as reliable, well built and extremely powerful hunting equipment. The guns are made with stainless steel, aluminum and titanium...No plastic here!  Since there are only a few of these guns left in various dealer inventories, their value has steadily risen. If you can find one, consider yourself lucky!! As I find them, I overhaul them and place them either on my "For Sale" page or on Ebay.

The guns came with a stainless steel shaft, spear tip, line, loader, hand pump and olive drab canvas carrying case and were available in either the standard high power (AK) or the adjustable power (MAK) configuration. The MAK is an adjustable power gimmick that was introduced the last year of import. It is identified by the flat butt plate with the knurled knob while the AK has a tapered butt plate.

They also introduced the first underwater laser sight. While it was Russian designed, it was built in the US. The lasers are still made, but no longer come with Seabear mounts ... only mounts for standard tube or wood guns.

The weak link today in these guns is the supply chain. The guns require a change of seals at least once per season and the parts have become harder to find. I do have some parts available and have had some more of the o-rings and gaskets made up.

A Dealer Repair Manual is available for $15.95 plus s&h for those that want to work on their own guns.

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