Tank Brush

Tank brush set is a simple device designed to easily and quickly remove light rust and "Hydro Bloom" from the inside of scuba tanks. Even in the case of heavily rusted cylinders, using the tank brush before tumbling will greatly shorten the time required by allowing the chips to go to to work on the heavy buildup sooner.  This set was designed with the dive store or hydro station in mind, however, ordered in the correct size, these brushes can be used on just about any compressed air cylinder.  Below are the instructions that are supplied with each brush.


Think safety first! Do not operate the brush with anyone around you. Keep kids and friends out of the work area.  Maintain a high sense of concentration towards your work.  Wear safety glasses, leather work gloves and safety shoes.  Remember, you have a VERY HIGH speed spinning brush that you cannot stop fast enough if a mistake is made.  Do not talk when working.

You will need:

3/8” high speed drill
shop vac
LP air
Inspection light

Inspect the tank first.  If ANY water, oil or moisture is found, wash and dry the tank out first.  The brushes will be ruined if used with any moisture or oil residue.  Secure the tank in either a tank vice, stand or boot holding the tank base between your feet.
The ideal drill is a 3/8” high speed (1200 RPM) with a side handle.


First, untwist the wire ends back about 1/2”.  One strand has been started as an example.  Next, place the brush into the tank. Connect and turn on the drill.  In a slow up and down movement, operate the side brush for at least five minutes at a time depending on the rust content.  

Remove side brush and insert the bottom brush.  Starting from the center of the tank, go around clockwise in a small circular movement covering the entire bottom of the tank and then moving somewhat up the bottom walls getting the edge area.  Again stop the drill before removing it from the inside of the tank.

After stopping and removing the brush, if you have a tank stand that allows you to invert the cylinder, use it, otherwise lay the cylinder on the work bench with the neck towards you. Insert the air tube.  Turn on and  hold the hose to the shop vac at the neck opening.  Then run LP air into the air tube blowing the rust and dust out of the neck.  NOTE: Make sure that the vacuum is turned on before the air is blown into the tank or you will blow rust and dust EVERYWHERE!

You can use very cold water to wash out the inside of the tank, drying VERY FAST with a commercial blower.  If not dried quickly, the tank will “bloom” with a light rust and will require brushing again.

The brush set should last for at least one hundred tanks with care.  Keep bristles 90° and straight.  To prolong the life of the bristles, wash under HOT water and spin dry.  Keep bristle ends “screwed” up to the 1/2” length.  After a while, they will remain that way on their own.

Special sizes in brushes (Fenzy bottles or larger storage bottles) can be ordered through RCS.  Please specify height and outside diameter of bottle.
Standard brush set
Side brush alone
Bottom brush alone
$  139.95

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